Monday, January 10, 2011

Yoga for Chickens

Yoga for Chickens?!?  No, I haven't completely lost my mind. 

This morning, I actually woke the girls up.  It was just getting light outside and I had to be at work early so I went out to put some grated apple in their treat bowl.  I could hear them start to chatter to each other.

Cheep Cheep Cheep  "I hear mom outside."  Cheep Cheep Cheep  "Mom usually brings treats in the morning."  Cheep Cheep Cheep  "Let's get up and go see what mom's brought for treats."  Cheep Cheep Cheep

So I peeked into the house and said good morning to the girls.  And one by one they stood up on the roosting bar and looked down at me.  And with four loud thuds, they each hoped down.

Each did a few quick chicken yoga stretches.  They stretch one leg out behind them and flex a wing with each feather separated.  Then they stand up and arch both wings up in camel pose.  And then the other leg and wing get a good stretch so they are balanced.

Ginger on the left is demonstrating the single wing/single leg stretch.
Coco on the right is demonstrating the dual wing arch stretch.
I've got to buy a scale.  I'm so curious what they each weigh today.  I thought they were getting so big but I saw a full grown Buff Orpington (like Ginger) this weekend and she was HUGE.  Ginger is only a quarter of her size.  So, clearly we have quite a bit of growth ahead of us.

But back to chicken yoga.  If you are still not convinced that chickens do yoga?  Check out this book at

Eat, sleep and yoga.  They do live the good life.

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