Thursday, January 13, 2011

Favorite Treats

People who don't own chickens say that they are not very smart, bird brains, and even dumb.  But those who raise chickens, especially just a few so you really get to know each bird, will tell you otherwise.  Now I'm not saying that they are highly intelligent.  But they have survival instinct about them.  And they do have an amazing ability to recognize things visually.

My girls clearly recognize me from other people and will come running right up to me.  They also recognize their favorite treats and dig right in to eat.  New treats are cautiously studied and discussed before one will take a taste.

This morning I took them cantaloupe rind to peck at.  I couldn't stay to listen to the discussion and see if they were going to be a hit or not.  And I'm eager to get home to see if they eventually did decide that melon was a treat.

Thus far, spaghetti noodles are their favorite.  Meal worms and crickets were also a huge hit.
Italian flat leaf parsley and spinach are also good eats.  Arugula, not so much.
Lentils and rice didn't get eaten right away but were all gone when I checked later in the day.
Yogurt is only good when they can peck it off my fingers.  Which isn't much fun for me or my fingers.

Bread is a not a hit at all.  I remember my childhood chickens LOVING bread.  Maybe when they get older.

They do seem more interested in things that are bite sized for them.  Bigger things are still scary as I don't think they've learned that they can use their beaks to dig into it.  And at 11 weeks, they are just tweens so in due time, I'm sure their tastes will change.


  1. It is amazing how social and smart they seem to be. My experience in raising chickens is exactly as you observe. Very instinctual, amazing eyesight and a routine you can set by the solar clock. They are simple, but surprisingly entertaining "characters".

  2. TOTALLY! I'm having the best time with them.

    I was tired of squatting down in their run and I haven't found the right kind of chair to put in there. I want to hit Goodwill and the spring garage sales for something.

    So I brought in my camp chair the other day. Well, they wouldn't come near me. Ugh. SUCH CREATURES OF HABIT!!!