Monday, February 29, 2016

Treats for chickens

Okay, fess up, who gives their chickens treats?  EVERYONE!

How can you resist those adorable little feathered cherubs running across the yard up to your feet and staring up at you with those sweet eyes that beg for treats.

This is a little video I took of Coco standing at the back door begging.  And yes, I'm guilty of opening the back door and giving them a few blueberries or raisins.  Which I know only encourages them more.

We're really lucky here to have a local company that makes treats for chickens, and coincidentally, they are called Treats for Chickens.

I love that they make healthy, organic treats for my girls.  And I LOVE the names of their treats.  There's Chicken Crack, Cluck Yea and Pullet Together.  My favorite has the most boring name, Worms `n Flakes.  But it's just that, rolled oats and dried meal worms.  That's what I typically treat my hens with so that I'm not giving them high fat treats like sunflower seeds.  If you follow my blog, you'll know that Coco has fatty liver disease which is why I'm really careful about giving high fat treats.

One of my other favorite products they make is Nesting Box Blend.  It's a mixture of dried herbs and flowers and you sprinkle it in your nest boxes and it helps to repel bugs and critters.  Not to mention, it makes the nests smell amazing.

They have a great website and ship so if you can't get their products locally, which I have trouble finding even though they are so close to me, just order online.  I hope you enjoy their products as much as we do.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Smart bird

Coco is such a smart bird.  She knows her name and will come when I call her.  Don't believe me?  Watch this video of me calling her below.

Today, I had a few guys come to the house to replace and repair a few of my gutters.  Just having strangers in the yard is enough to get the hens upset.  But ladders, large pieces of metal and power tools, well, all the hens were up and screaming.

I went out several times to try and calm them down and Coco was no where to be found.  I went into the run and found her hunkered down in her favorite nest.  I knew she was hiding there knowing it's her safe place.  She's still molting and there's no way she's ready to lay an egg.

She stayed there till the guys left.  And I checked the nest later just to be sure and as I thought.  No egg.

I feel bad that I frightened her so badly.  But every once in a while something needs to be repaired and that may make some noise.  Sorry ladies.  But nice to know they will do what they need to do to feel safe and sound.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Strange egg

I got a strange egg from Pearl this morning.  She didn't quite finish applying the shell to her egg.  That circle/spot is about the size of a pea.  When I collected the egg, I thought it was a piece of pine shaving stuck to the egg.  But I soon realized that it was just the inner egg membrane.  The rest of the egg appears to be just fine.

I've read numerous articles and blogs about odd eggs.  It appears that if you have hens long enough, you'll eventually get an egg that just wasn't quite right.  I don't think there's anything wrong with her. She is a power layer, laying 6 days a week.  Which is pretty good for a Buff Orpington.

I think she ate too many tasty treats in the garden yesterday and didn't get quite enough calcium to finish up her egg.  So maybe I'll give her a calcium rich treat today such as Greek yogurt.  Or maybe I should scramble up this egg for her and her sister and give her a special treat.