Sunday, January 2, 2011

No Treats - No Love

Yep, that's what it's come to.  I knew chickens were very food motivated and even read that in all my books.  But somehow I thought it would be different for me.  I thought since I raised them from day-old chicks, they would think of me as their mom and just love to hop into my lap when I came to visit.

This afternoon, I went out to visit the girls who were resting under their house, their favorite place to hang.  I'm sure they feel safe under there.  And it's dry and protected from the wind.

Not one of them would get up to come see me.  I bent down and made eye-contact.  And not a single one moved.  Not even Ginger who is my love-bug and always come over to let me tickle her tummy.

I fed them several dozen live crickets yesterday and felt they had too many treats so I scaled back today and only gave them some arugula this morning.  And clearly, they noticed.  If they don't see treats, they aren't going to bother to get up.  No Treats = No Love!

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