Monday, January 24, 2011


This is a photo of me with Ginger on my shoulder and I'm holding the hollow hull of a watermelon.  See my previous post ( for the full photo montage of the watermelon.

I remember being a little girl and my mother coming home from her weekly trip to the grocery store; the back of the station wagon filled with groceries.  She was determined to make us each pull our weight around the house so she went in and banged on the door to my brother's cave (aka - his room) and demanded that he come out immediately to help carry in the groceries.

Grumpy from being disturbed and forced to set foot out into the daylight, my brother grumbled from his room and out to the car to begin retrieving bags.  Determined to get this over as quickly as possible, he gathered up as many bags as he possibly could and stacked the watermelon on top.  Well, as you can imagine, he got about half way up the driveway before the watermelon rolled off the bags and obliterated itself all over the driveway.

The chickens and goose were on it immediately.  They chattered and pecked and pecked and chattered and it didn't take them too long before there was nothing left but a few bits of rind.  The red was gone.  The white was gone and every seed had been gobbled up.  Except for the sticky spot on the driveway and the irate scowl on my mother's face, there was no trace that watermelon ever existed.

So I thought I'd see if my girls liked watermelon as much as my pet chickens did back when I was younger.  And indeed, watermelon is good eats.  My husband and I ate most of the melon at breakfast.  But I did leave a bit more of the red on the rind than I would have normally.  I also filled the rind with some hard boiled egg so they girls would get some protein in addition to the sweet treat.  And as you can see from the photo above, there is little left but the outer most rind.

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