Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 81 in Captivity

Our captors continue to feed us healthy, organic chicken feed with a small daily treat.  We'd much prefer they fill our feeder full of meal worms instead of the chicken feed.  And that the daily treat be a big bowl of noodles!!!  Cuz we LOVE noodles!!!

We continue to try and dig our way out of our run, tramping down the dirt we dig out in the hopes that our captors won't notice.  But they come through once a week and put all the dirt back.  They even put a cinder block in the far back corner where we were making the most progress.  And, no matter where we dig, we run into this heavy gauge wire that has been buried around our run.  We suppose that it's a good thing because it keeps critters out.

We spend our days digging up and mowing down anything and everything in our run.  We've done our best to destroy the Liriopes that were planted there.  We've picked off all the Camilla flowers we could reach and scratched the flowers apart.  They magically change from their bright pink color to dark brown.

Our only communication with the outside world is with the Yellow-rumped Warblers, hummingbirds and White-crowned Sparrows which are small enough to slip through the wire roof that securely covers our run.  But they just come in to chat a bit and then flit off.  We wish we could go with them.

Our captors love to pick us up and stroke our backs and tickle our tummies.  Only Ginger enjoys this treatment.  I'd much prefer to be left alone.  Poppy especially dislikes this treatment.  She still remember that she had to have her bottom washed every day when we first arrived here.  Our captors keep saying it had something to do with Pasty Butt.  Either way, we're all glad that's behind us.  snicker

But on the bright side, our house is quite nice.  Our studio condo has three large nest boxes so we won't have to wait to lay our eggs.  It has a large window so we know when it's time to get up.  It's nice and warm on these cold, damp nights.  And it protects us from the wind ruffling our feathers while we sleep.  Our roosting bar where we sleep is just the right width for us to relax our toes at night.  Our feet get such a work out from digging during the day.

We're having a vote tomorrow to decide whether we abandon further escape attempts.  Given how plump we've gotten and continue to get, I suppose it's best if we just settle down and stay a while.  Besides, our captors have been bringing us more meal worms this week.


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