Thursday, January 20, 2011

Carrots and Fingers do look similar to a Chicken

I found a few baby carrots in the back of the fridge last night and thought that the chickens would like those.  They are still kind of intimidated by things that are not chicken bite sized so I steamed them in a little water in the microwave for a minute to make them soft.

This morning I took them out to the girls who studied them intently and quietly discussed this new treat in the bowl.  Their conversation was pretty much the same as the one they had over the weekend when I emptied a bag full of crickets into their run.  Minus the part about them moving of course.  See "No More Baby Food" posting:

Pumpkin actually took the first taste this time but quickly dropped the carrot and ran off.  I swear she's scared of her own shadow.  So I picked it up and held it out to the girls who continued to study it.  I feel like I should be giving them an English lesson when they stare like that.  "CARROT."  "THIS-IS-A-CARROT."  "IT'S FOOD."

Then Poppy took a big bite.  She's definitely figured out that she can use her beak as a weapon and will harpoon just about anything in front of her.  I had to break off a few smaller bites for Ginger and Coco.

I went to leave them with the rest of their carrots and head off to work when I noticed Poppy was following me.  Poppy really doesn't like to be picked up and doesn't follow me around so I was intrigued.  I stopped and bent down to look at her and she just stared back up at me.  So I put my hand out to try and tickle her tummy and she bit me.  She didn't peck me.  She bit my finger like she was trying to eat it.  And she looked really disappointed when it didn't come off in her beak.

I probably woke up the neighbors when I yelled OUCH!!!  Honestly, the birds hardly make any noise at all but their Flock Mistress (aka - me) could take on a rooster my constant laughing and the occasional AAAOOOWWWWW when I get pecked or Ginger gets her toes nails digging into my shoulder.

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