Sunday, January 16, 2011

No More Baby Food

The girls are twelve weeks old this weekend.  That means it's time to switch them from their baby chick starter feed to layer rations.  This feed contains a little less protein but is higher in calcium which will give the girls what they need to lay eggs with strong shells.  It also has a touch more fat and fiber for proper nutrition.

I gave their run a good cleaning today, scrubbing out the water container as well as the feed containers.  All the leaves I tossed in there back in October were starting to break down from all the rain we've had so I raked those up and tossed them into the compost bin.  In the process, I moved the compost bin and pulled out some of the finished compost to put around plants in the garden.

The previous compost foot print becomes a fun spot for the girls to dig in and see what bugs are hiding there.

We also went around the corner and filled up two big trash bags full of pine needles to dump in the run.  It gives the girls something to dig in and gives them some protection from the wet, clay soil.  To make the pine needles more fun and interesting, I stopped by the pet store and bought three dozen crickets which I sprinkled onto the pine shavings.

The crickets had a chance of escape for about 30 seconds while the girls discussed this new treat.  The conversation went something like this:

Poppy - "That's new.  What are those?"
Coco - "I have no idea.  And why are they moving?"
Pumpkin - "Oh, I hate new things.  I'm scared."
Poppy - "Coco, give one of those a try."
Coco - "No way, you try one first."
Poppy - "Never gonna happen.  Hey Pumpkin, try one of those hopping things."
Pumpkin - "What hopping things?  I don't see well.  WHAT HOPPING THINGS?"
Poppy - "Oh, right.  Pumpkin doesn't see well.  Hey Ginger, Give one of those hopping things a try."
Ginger - "Okay.  I'll try one."
Ginger - "Ooooo, crunchy on the outside - chewy on the inside.  YUMMO!!!"

And the feeding frenzy ensues.


  1. That is hysterical and exactly how the conversation went. I can see why hens are characters in children's book. They're so curious yet cautious. Your girls are growing fast. Before long you'll be getting eggs.

  2. YEA. I can't wait for eggs. I'm on my way down to the feed store to pick up some finisher food for them before I start giving them their layer rations.