Friday, April 25, 2014

The Peeps

If the feed store would have had 5 Buff Orpington's, I would have bought 5 BO's.  I feel like I'm missing one when I look at photos like this.

They are 12 days old today and growing up SOOOOO fast.  I'm always amazed.  Won't be but a few more weeks before I can turn them lose in the garden to mingle with Coco and Poppy.  I write that with my fingers crossed that integration goes more smoothly this time around than the last.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Change in the Pecking Order

I haven't been good about blogging lately.  Life just gets in the way life sometimes.

I know I blogged about Honey not being well.  I'm still not quite sure what was wrong with her, but her crop wouldn't empty.  I worked closely with my vet to try and help her.  But after having it flushed out twice and crop surgery to clear it, she was still having issues.  I just could not bring myself to say goodbye to her.  I REALLY wanted her to raise babies for me again.  But last weekend she made it clear that she was suffering.  And I couldn't bear to let her suffer.  So we had her put down. 

Losing Honey was more difficult than losing all my other birds combined.  She was the sweetest bird in the whole wide world.  I loved the way she would run right up to me and let me scoop her up and set her into my lap.  She would tell me all about her day.  buk buk buk.  buk buk buk buk buk.  buk buk buk.  She was as soft as could be.  And I loved all those warm cozy feathers.  Rest in peace my sweet Honey Bear.

Rest in peace my sweet Honey Bear.  I hope heaven is full of blueberries and meal worms.

And knowing in my gut that Honey's days were numbered, I picked up four day old Buff Orpington chicks last Friday.  We've named them Pickles, Peaches, Penny and Pearl.  Penny and Pearl kind of deviate from the Spice Girls theme.  But I love the name Penny for a hen.

Peanut and Popcorn were close contenders.  And honestly, sometimes I wonder why I even bother naming my chickens.  Because once they grow up and their personalities come out, we come up with about a dozen nicknames that fit each hen so much better than their given name.

I started calling them my Easter Chicks and it's almost like they know they are my Easter Peeps.

I was bummed about having to raise babies myself.  I worry about them being warm enough ALL THE TIME.  So I picked up an EcoGlow brooder and WOW!!!  I've never had such happy and content chicks.  And I sleep better knowing that there's no danger of fire.

I can't tell them apart yet but there is one who loves to make eye contact with me and appears to be their leader.  So we'll name her Pickles.  Once they get big enough, I have leg bands so I can tell them apart.  But for now, they are just the Peeps.