Tuesday, January 18, 2011

California Dreaming

Here in California, spring starts to show itself in January.  This weekend we had warm sunny days that pushed the thermometer up towards 70 degrees.  Trees are starting to flower and what isn't already blooming, is full of fat buds just waiting to burst open.

This was certainly the warmest day the girls have known since their existence last October.  And they took full advantage of it by having a nice long nap in the sun.

Pumpkin - Easter Egger (she doesn't see well and is kind of a spaz)
Coco -  Black Jersey Giant (does NOT like to be picked up - I hope that changes)

Poppy - Cuckoo Marans (still not 100% sure she's a girl - no crowing yet so we'll see)

Ginger (lower right) - Buff Orpington (using Poppy as a pillow)  She's as sweet as apple pie.
 All of them get along like they hatched from the same batch of eggs.  Just so fun to watch them move around the yard to forage, discover new things and nap together.


  1. You're lucky to have such nice weather. Here in the Northeast we have lots of snow, ice and rain. I can hardly wait for spring.
    Love the new pictures of the girls.

  2. I felt guilty putting up that post. But I bought the girls on October 30th. And put them outside full time in late December just as we had some freezing nights. I felt so bad for them. So this was a nice treat for them.