Friday, January 27, 2017

Happy New Year

New Years resolution - blog more.  I always feel I need to have a specific topic to blog about and fabulous photos to go along with it.  And the reality is, sometimes it's just statue quo around here.  So in the new year, I promise to blog more.  Doesn't mean I'll necessarily have these deep informative insights to share.  It's more just what's going on in my yard at the time.

And speaking of my yard, it's trashed.  We FINALLY got rain this year and lots of it.  And I don't even live in the wet part of the state.  But we needed it.  I think most things are enjoying this really good soaking we've received.  I hope my garden survives it.  Unfortunately, what's surviving is also being eaten by the hens.


I have a bunch of these wire rings around the garden.  The problem is I need about 25 more to protect everything.   I did replant my patio pots and put up some temporary fencing around that to keep the ladies from grazing "the salad bar" and it's working.  

Coco is nearly 6 1/2 years old.  And her age is starting to show.  But she's still the queen of the flock.
We nearly lost Peaches last year from a crop impaction.  Every day I thank the lord that I was able to save this bird and she's still with us.  She has these soulful eyes that just stare right through you.  I really love her.

And a photo of my three older gals. That's Pearl at the top. She's the least friendly of the bunch but I still love her.

This is Marigold.  We call her Squirt.  She's small, wiley and can squeeze through the tinniest of spaces.  I've found her in OUR house a few times cuz she just slips through the 3" crack I leave the door open so I can hear them.
And Bella, she's a Partridge Cochin.  She is darling.  Just came into lay at 10 months of age.    Not the best photo of her.  She has the most amazing feathers.

So that's the latest from here.  More photo to come.