Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It is a Learning Experience Indeed

You might remember my post where I was so excited about finding a bench for their run that the girls couldn't poop all over.

Well, indeed, it is a learning experience.  I came home tonight and went into the run and reached for the kneeler to flip it up to the bench position, when I noticed something not quite right.  The smooth edge of the foam seat/kneeler was no longer smooth.  It was all ragged like it had been pecked.  And sure enough, upon closer inspection, the girls have pecked all around the edge of the foam.

My chickens are eating my bench!

I've heard of chickens eating things that were not good for them and it NEVER occurred to me that they would peck at the foam part of the metal seat/kneeler.  Sigh.  They didn't eat much and they all appear to be just fine today so I think we're okay on that front.

And I guess the bench will have to stay outside the run or maybe I can put it up on top of their hen house or someplace where they can't reach it.  And it seemed like such a brilliant solution.

Chickens 1
Flock Mistress 0

1 comment:

  1. Can you get someone handy to replace the foam seat with something like...wood?