Monday, January 31, 2011

Poppy is Gone

I finally came to the realization last week that Poppy is indeed a rooster.  And while he hasn't started crowing yet, it's only a matter of time.  And the longer I held onto him, the more difficult it was going to be to part with him.  He was the sweetest boy.  He doted over his girls.  Always letting them eat first and keeping an ever present eye out for danger.  He was never aggressive and would readily eat out of my hand.

And of all the directions this situation could have gone, I think I found the best possible outcome.  I found a family who was looking to increase their flock.  They currently have two bantams.  And while I'm sure the first few days might be a shock to Poppy.  I'm also sure he'll quickly get used to his new surroundings and will watch over their bantams with the same love and care that he watched over my girls.

I think they will even keep his name, Poppy.  Which I thought was kind of girly for a boy.  But they pointed out that Poppy means Dad in Spanish.  And how appropriate is that?

Coco was Poppy's best bud and she gave me a good scolding this morning.  She's usually very quiet and goes about quickly eating the treats I put out in the morning.  But not this morning.  She got right up in my face and told me how upset she was.  BAWK!!! BAAAWK!!! BOK BOK BOK!!! BAWK BAAAWK!!!!!!!  Oh, it was just painful to listen to.  I even ran out at lunch to buy them some crickets to try and soften the blow of this change.

I took lots of photos of Poppy this weekend and thought I'd post some favorite here as a lasting tribute to him.

Poppy standing tall and watching over the girls in the yard.
Poppy with her girls enjoying a bug bonanza after I moved the compost bin over a few feet.

Poppy is about a week old in this photo.  And this is how the babies all sleep.  Beak down - butt up.
And the very last photo of Poppy before I hand him off to her new owners.

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