Thursday, April 20, 2017

Good Ideas - egg collecting apron

I've always struggled with how to collect my eggs.  When you have only a few hens, an egg collecting basket is just overkill.  Not to mention, the few eggs I collect roll around inside and sometimes crack bumping into one another.

And yet, I can't carry more than three eggs and still lock up the run properly.  So the dilemma of how to best collect eggs and safely get them into the house was always an issue for me.  Until I discovered the egg collecting apron.

I've seen many different styles out there.  I even saw one that someone had crocheted.  The one I'm wearing is made by Fluffy Layers and has 10 egg pockets which is more than enough for me and my 8 egg laying hens.  I bought it at TSC or you can order them online.

Let's you keep your hands free and still get the eggs back into the house safely.  It's brilliant.

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