Thursday, December 16, 2010

We're Chooks Now

I think I know how parents must feel.  One day, they are bringing home this tiny baby and the next, they are all grown up and off on their own.

Watching The Spice Girls grow up from day old chicks has been surreal.  I'm so happy I did it this way.  I know there are places where you can buy full grown hens who are already laying eggs, but I really wanted the chicks to bond with me and I wanted the experience of raising baby chicks.

It was nerve wracking.  Are they warm enough.  Are they too warm.  Did they knock over the feeder or waterer?  Are they getting along?  But in the end, it was totally worth it.

They are two months old now and Ginger just hops right into my lap any chance she gets.  She just loves attention.  When I put her back to hold one of the other girls, she hops back out into my lap and snuggles right in.  The other girls are a bit more independent and not crazy about me picking them up.  But once I set them in my lap and stroke their backs, they usually settle right down.  Even my wild child, Pumpkin, will settle down in my lap and let me talk to her for a few minutes.

Tonight is their first night in their hen house.  I've put in their feeder and waterer as they are used to having food and water available all  night long.  I also put in an upside down flower pot so they have something to hop onto to get up to the roosting bar which is significantly higher than their dowel was in the brooder.  I also strung some holiday lights which shine into their window so they can see their new surroundings.

Guess I can't call them babies anymore.  They are officially chooks now.


  1. Will they be warm enough out there? I'm worried about them too!

  2. Chickens are little organic space heaters. They just need to be out of the elements.

  3. Oh, they are toasty warm. It's a tight little hen house. It's up against our house and under additional coverage so they have a dry place to hang out and eat out of the rain. They are just fine. It's me, Mamma Hen, who's the worrier.