Saturday, December 4, 2010

Predator Proofing the Run

I tackled the last big project of the hen run today.

When the guys came to build the fence, I told them that it would be a chicken run and that it was important the fence boards fit super tight.  I also had them run 2 x 4's across the top and cover the entire run with heavy gauge wire fencing.  So today, I made sure that nothing could dig under the fence to make its way into the hen run.

We're fortunate that the largest predators we have are skunk, possums and raccoons, which are neither very big or will dig very deep.  A barrier that extends either ten inches down or out from the fence line is suppose to be enough to deter these critters.

So, I spent the day digging out several inches of dirt from the fence line, cutting wire and anchoring it to the fence and ground and then covering it back up with dirt.  I finished two sides and hope to finish the third and final side tomorrow.  The 4th side is our garage wall.

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