Thursday, December 2, 2010

Meet the Girls

I just can't resist taking photos of them when they are napping.  They are just so peaceful.

On the left is
Poppy.  She's a Cuckoo Marans (yes, Marans always has an "s" on the end) and will grow up to be black and white speckled all over.  She will also lay dark chocolate eggs.  She's a watcher.  She's always got one eye open and is the only one to open an eye when I check up on them in the middle of the night.  She's not crazy about being picked up but usually relaxes into my lap once I start rubbing her back.

Pumpkin is the brown one in the middle.  Easter Eggers are a combination of the Ameraucanas and Araucanas as well as some other breeds.  Key features of this bread include their beards, ear muffs and colored eggs which can be pink, green or blue.  Personally, I'm hoping for green eggs.  Green eggs and ham anyone?  Pumpkin is my trouble maker and likes to pick on Ginger.

Ginger is the little blond cutie that Pumpkin is using as a pillow.  She's a Buff Orpington.  She is as gentle as can be and never puts up a fight when I go to pick her up.  They say that Orpingtons are so docile that you shouldn't mix them with other breeds because they tend to be picked on and indeed, Pumpkin loves to chase her around.  I'm hoping that with more time, Ginger will grow to stand her ground.

And on the right is
Coco.  She's a Black Jersey Giant.  When I went to purchase the girls, I was hoping for a Black Australorp, but they had run out.  The guy asked me what I was looking for to which I replied, a plump, docile, black hen.  And this is what he suggested.  Only when I got home and did more research did I realize that she will grow up to be a 10 pound bird.  Her sisters will max out at 6-7 pounds.  She is the most aware of the girls always making eye contact with me and holding my gaze.  I fell in love with her the day we brought her home.

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