Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday Night

Well, Pumpkin doesn't seem to have any ill feelings towards me after she fell out of the hen house a few nights back.  Thank goodness.

It's been wet and miserable here all weekend and is suppose to continue that way through the week.  But the girls are pretty smart and stay out of the rain when it's pouring and scamper out when it stops.

Here are a few updated photos.

Here's their house decorated w/ holiday lights.  Really, I just wanted them to have some light into the evening.  I was bringing them into the garage and leaving the light on until 9pm so I didn't want them to suddenly be in the dark when the sun set at 5pm.

Here's big Poppy studying the butterfly chair I put out in their run.  I saw Coco jump up on it and look down on everyone for a quick second.  Until someone starting making noises that they found something good to eat and then she was down.  I think the chair might be a favorite in the summer when they want to rest out in the sun.

And one of all the girls out scratching in their run, in between rain showers.

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