Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pumpkin is not Right

Something is off with her and I can't put my finger on it.  She is so very skittish and I thought it was a phase. But she's not coming around like the other girls.  And she's a whiner!  She's constantly making this plaintive, whinny noise.

One thing I've notice for certain is when we feed her noodles, she misses the noodle more often than she hits it.  The other girls have spot on aim and never miss.  I dole the noodles out through my finger and thumb.  Otherwise, Coco will take the whole thing and slurp it down like an Italian.

As I do this the girls peck at the noodle, but Pumpkin will peck my hand 4-5 times for every one time she hits the noodle.  At first I thought she was just so excited that she was just randomly pecking.  But my husband has also noticed this.  And honestly, I'm surprised she hasn't drawn blood when she hits that sensitive area between the fingers.  OUCH!!!

Last night, I tried an experiment.  The girls have a yellow treat bowl and I would pull a noodle out of my bag, and dangle it and then drop it into the bowl.  Each of the other girls would retrieve it from the bowl and run off and eat it.  But Pumpkin would watch it drop into the bowl, look into the bowl and then stand there and whine.

I wonder if she doesn't see well or maybe just one eye is bad and this is contributing to her extreme skittishness.

Otherwise, she seems fine.  She eats and drinks and hangs out with the other girls and is developmentally right there with them.  But I've always had a feeling that something just isn't quite right with her and I think I may have finally put my finger on it.

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