Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Such Smart Girls

Yep, as I suspected, the girls were all lined up at the gate last night when I got home.  But it was still a bit light out.  They were not ready to come in and scattered when I came into the run.  I decided to leave them outside for a bit longer and tackle a few chores.

I lost track of time and found myself out front of the run about 30 minutes later and could hear them crying.  I went around to the gate and there they were, all lined up, ready to come inside.

I scooped up Ginger first, and put her in the box.  Coco was next.  Pumpkin started whinning and pacing knowing that I was going to pick her up next.  So I reached for Poppy instead and gave Pumpkin a few more minutes to think about her actions.  And she's finally caught on.  She hopped up on the edge of the box and then into the box, ready to go back into the garage.

Pretty smart if you ask me.  Only took her a few days to figure out that she'd better move herself into the box if she wants to go inside and doesn't want me to pick her up.

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