Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ops, I didn't mean to say that!

So I've been hanging out with the girls for two months now and love hearing all the different sounds they make to communicate with each other.  Every sound from the soft "peep-peep-peep" to the "SQUAWK!!!".

I thought I had started to master what some of these sounds were used to communicate.  Yesterday, I moved a large bag of potting soil from one end of their run to the other.  And when I picked it up, underneath were scads of bugs.  Sow bugs.  Worms.  Ants.  So I made the sound I thought was for, "Come quickly, I've found something good to eat!".

But when they heard the sound, they froze in place, became silent, cocked their heads and scanned the sky for danger.  Ops, wrong sound!  Sorry girls.  I'll keep working on my chicken speak.

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