Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I'm such a proud Flock Mistress.  I knew we were getting close.  She started squatting for me about 8-9 days ago.  And was spending an obscene amount of time inside the hen house.

Plastic Easter Eggs in the nest boxes to show the girls where to put their eggs.

I put three plastic eggs in each of the nest boxes a few weeks back.  The books say to do this so chickens know where to lay their eggs.  I knew they were checking out the nest boxes because each evening, the eggs would be moved and you could see from the indentation in the shavings that someone had been sitting in each nest box.

I got tired of checking and being disappointed so I didn't even look at first the other night.  I fed them treats and chatted with them and brought them some fresh water.

I decided to take a quick peek through the big clean out door and didn't see anything.  But when I went around and opened the nest box lid, there it was.

The green one is the real one.

I didn't realize it was a real egg at first, being that it was green and blended in nicely with the other colored eggs.  But it was smaller and had some pine shavings stuck to it.  I reached in and touched it and sure enough, it was a real egg.

Pumpkin is officially a pullet now that she's laying eggs.  The other girls should follow shortly.

Pumpkin has mellowed out greatly now that she's officially a pullet.  She's let me scratch between her wings a few times and last night, let me pick her up and stroke her.  I think she even enjoyed the attention.

Her first egg is about half the size of a regular jumbo egg from the store.  They will get bigger over time.

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  1. Soon you won't be able to stand to eat those things from the store.