Friday, March 25, 2011

Bath Time

Chickens love to take dust baths.  They say that the sand and dirt up against their skin helps scratch those itches, gets rid of mites and probably helps cool them down if it's hot out.  Which is clearly not the case today.  It has been a rough week for the girls.  We've had inches of rain this week.  I think we only get 13 or so inches annually and we've had about a quarter of that come down this past week.

I've got a contractor lined up who is going to come cover half of their run with corrugated panels to give them more protection from the weather.  But he can't work when it's raining!  And it's been windy so nearly every part of their run is wet.  But they do have this one little corner near their house that tends to stay dry.

And when I went to take the compost out just now, I found the three of them all packed together, taking a dust bath.  Actually, I think it was more a pine shavings bath.  I put those down to give them something dry to walk on.

I don't know why the tire hasn't been a success with them.  They liked it at first.  But now they prefer to make their own hole in the ground.  Maybe the tire isn't big enough for all three of them to use at once.  And clearly, dust bathing is a community sport.

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