Thursday, March 17, 2011

Chickens ARE Smart

I caught another spider in the house this morning.  It's expensive living in California and I have one rule that all bugs (spiders included) must abide by: if you want to live in my house, you must help pay the mortgage.  No $$'s, then out you go!

I took the spider out with me when I took the girls their morning treats.  They all run for the treats but if I call out "Ginger Bug", Ginger comes running to see what special treat I've brought her.  I think she knows that Ginger Bug means I've brought her a bug.

But here's where my girl really shows off her IQ.  She looks into the cup and sees the spider.  But it's a big cup and she's nervous about putting her head all the way in there.  So she crouches down and looks at the bottom of the cup to see if she can get the spider that way.  A quick peck or two and she determines, nope, no spider there.  So back into the top of the cup and she snaps up the bug.

She has done this a couple of times but this morning it was so deliberate.  Such smart girls.

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