Friday, March 11, 2011

The Chicken Dance

A dear friend of mine who lives around the corner has this strange kind of maple tree in front of her house.  The leaves turn brown in the fall but don't fall off the tree.  They hang on through the winter and then in spring, the new leaves push off the old ones.  It makes the tree appear dead in the winter all covered in leaves, when it's very much alive.

I asked her if I could come rake her yard and before I could get over there with my rake, she shows up with 6 HUGE trash bags full of leaves.  Most people would hose down a neighbor who tried to bring them leaves from their yard, but not me.

I dumped two bags into their run.  Coco cautiously studied the leaves.  She stood way back from the leaves and crooned her neck as far out as it would go.  She looked with one eye and then the other and just couldn't decide if this new addition to her turf was friend or foe.  Ginger hid behind Coco for safety.

But not Pumpkin.  Pumpkin flew across the run landing right on top of the pile of leaves scattering them in ever which direction.  Which immediately made Coco and Ginger scatter in every which direction as well.

Pumpkin proceeded to dance on top of the leaves.  She wasn't scratching or digging.  Her feet were not moving.  She was DANCING!  Her tail was swishing from side to side and she swayed on her hips just as happy as a chicken could possibly be.  I think I even heard her coo a Woo Hoo once or twice.

So I sweetened the pile with a big handful of BOSS and scratch and I'll bet they spend the entire day kicking those leaves every which way till the sun goes down.

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