Thursday, April 7, 2011

We're Pullets Now

Pumpkin's eggs are easy to ID because they are green.  But Coco and Ginger are brown egg layers.  I've been hopeful that their eggs would be different shades of brown or that one would have freckles so I could tell them apart and give proper credit where credit was due.

Last Saturday, I went outside to an awful commotion and Coco was singing the egg song.  And when I looked in the nest boxes, nest number 3 had a brown egg in it.  So I assumed it was hers.  Tuesday, I got another brown egg in the same nest.

Pumpkin consistently lays her eggs in nest number 1.  Except for a few days when I had put some pine needles in the nest thinking she'd like to build a deeper nest.  But she obviously wanted nothing to do with the pine needles because she moved to nest number 2.  I removed the pine needles and she's back in nest 1.

Last night, there was a tiny brown egg in nest 1 along with a green egg.  I took it inside and compared it to the other brown egg and it's definitely smaller.  Which would make since since Ginger is significantly smaller than Coco.  And Ginger was acting different last night too.  It's difficult for me to describe but she seemed to want more attention.  I picked her up and tickled her and she just fell right to sleep in my arms.

So I'm pretty sure that all my girls are now laying eggs.  Hopefully, this weekend I can spy on them a bit to see who likes which nest box and see if I can't come up with a way to correctly ID who's laying which eggs.  Otherwise, I see a web cam in my future.

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