Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Predator Amoung Us

Raccoons are the largest predators we have that we need to be concerned about as far as our chicken's safety.  I've spent a great deal of time and money making sure I built a safe enclosure for my girls.  And one specifically, that would keep raccoons out.

But I know they are out there.  Just two nights ago, a friend who lives two blocks away told me how she was awaken the previous night when a raccoon came in to her kitchen via the cat door and was rattling around looking for snacks.

So I know they are out there.  But I wasn't scared until today.  This morning I went out to give the girls some treats before I left for work.  As soon as I went out into the yard, I noticed the Chickadee house.  All of the insides were, well, outside.  It looked like the house exploded.

I showed the photo to some fellow birders and they all feel that a raccoon did this.  It really freaked me out.

This bird house isn't too far away from my chicken run.  I check their run all the time and have never seen any evidence of raccoons trying to get in.  Which is good.  And while I feel awful about the Chickadees, this has been a good reminder that I must never let my guard down.

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