Thursday, April 28, 2011

Another Hat Trick

When I selected the breeds of chickens I wanted to raise, egg production was not high on my list.  Even if my chickens only laid two or three days a week, I'd have plenty of eggs for our needs.

My goal was to have fat, docile hens who were quiet and friendly.  At the time, I was still thinking that I'd let my girls free range, so my main concern was that they wouldn't be inclined to fly over the fence to my neighbor's yards.  But as you'll recall from a previous post, they are too vulnerable to hawk attacks and thus, will not be allowed to free range.

But now that they have matured and started to lay eggs, we get three eggs a day nearly every day of the week.  Coco and Ginger will take one day off each week.  But Pumpkin is just and egg making machine and I can always count on a green egg waiting for me when I come home.

We've come to call a three-egg-day a "Hat Trick" at our house.  I know, I can hear you hockey purists now, a true Hat Trick would be if one hen laid three eggs in one day.  But that just not how they work.  So I'll gladly settle for a three eggs a day.  A special Spice Girl Hat Trick.

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