Saturday, April 23, 2011

SPOILED Chickens

My chickens are spoiled.  I know my chickens are spoiled, and my chickens know they are spoiled.

They come running when they hear the back door open cuz they know I'm probably bringing them a tasty treat.  And I like to hand feed them treats because it gives me a chance to get down to their level and watch them eat and make eye contact.  But I really do have to watch my fingers around them because they are constantly pecking at them looking for treats.  And Coco can really bite with that big beak of hers.

This morning was simply priceless.  I was cutting up some mango and set aside a few bites for the girls.  And sure enough, they were all lined up once they heard the back door open.  So I bent down and handed each of them a nibble of mango.  And one by one, they each took the mango from me, dropped it to the ground, and looked back up at me like, "No thanks.  What else you got?"

I tried one more round of mango and they each did the same thing.  SERIOUSLY?!?  Are my girls THAT spoiled?  I dumped the rest of the mango into their treat bowl and left for work.  I'll bet money it's all gone by the time I get home tonight.  But how spoiled are my girls!

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