Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Missed Opportunity

I've really got to take a camera or video camera with me each time I go out to see the girls.  You just never know what they will do next and I never seem to be prepared.

I was out working in the yard on Sunday and found a bug for the girls. I took it over to them but they were busy taking dust baths.  And I mean B-U-S-Y.  My girls have each dug out a hole the size of a small microwave so they can get all the way down in there and roll around.  I've mixed in some sand and DE into each of their favorite spots to dust bath to keep the dirt soft and mite free.

Typically, they will hear me coming and will all line up at the gate.  But not when they are in the middle of a good dust bath session.  They roll around at such awkward angles.  Honestly, it looks like they are having a seizure in there with a wing sticking out in one direction and a foot sticking out the other.

Finally, Ginger decides to investigate why I'm at the gate and comes over to me.  But doesn't bother to shake out the pound or so of dirt she's hauling under her feathers.  She arrives at the gate with sand and dirt just pouring off of her.  As if that wasn't funny enough, THEN she decided to shake.  And shake she did, dislodging all of the dirt into a big pig-pen pile all over the patio.  She snapped up the bug.  Said thanks, and wandered on her merry way.

Left behind on the patio, were two perfect foot prints, outlined by all the dirt and sand.  It would have made a great photo.  Oh well.  Next time.

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