Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ugh, I'm struggling again

I just don't understand why my spoiled hens can't just get along.  Spice has been a pill ever since Honey went broody.  It was only the week before that when we lost Sugar so looking at it from her perspective, she lost both her flock mates and I can see how that would be upsetting.

But she's been lashing out at Honey ever since and she's getting more vicious.  She's not drawing blood but she's ripping out feathers right and left.  And my big concern is that she'll teach this naughty behavior to Honey's babies.

I finally resorted to putting a pinless peeper on Spice.  Which I really hate to do.  They seem so cruel to me.  And yet, they do work.  And so many people swear by them.

But now this has given Ginger the confidence to peck at Spice.  And that's not right.  So what do I do?  Let nature take it's course and let them all work it out?  Or try and intervene?  I'm really torn.

If anyone has any advice for me, I'd love to hear from you.


  1. I wondered how this was going and am sorry to hear it's still a problem. My Dotty is still pecking Bluebell at the treats despite me squirting her with the water spray and I feel so sorry for Bluebell but the rest of the time they are okay. it is so difficult to stop naughty behaviour. I think you are doing all you can.

  2. Well, I posted that and went out this morning and they were as calm and sweet as could be. I think it might be time to cut them off from treats as I think that is the source of my issues. Breaks my heart to do that. But it could just calm things down.

  3. I know exactly what you mean. The pecking problem between Dotty and Bluebell is only around the treats, but they come running so expectantly when I go in that it's really hard not to give treats and also I don't want their lives to be dull without treats. What to do? We can only do what we think best.

  4. I'm sorry they are being naughty :( I wish you could have a temp rooster. I bet he would help chill them out a bit...

  5. Now that is a BRILLIANT idea. Rent a Rooster. Bring in some big strappen' lad for a week or two to set the ladies right and straight and then have him move on to his next gig. Maybe they'd finally appreciate how good of a life they really have it at my house.