Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bedtime Photos

Spice in the foreground.  Coco behind her.  And Ginger way in the back hiding in a nest.  She is a bully at bed time and pecks at Spice and I just spritzed her with water so she's pouting.

Mama Honey Bear and her babies, Sugar on the right, Poppy and Pumpkin on the left.  They still snuggle under her wings at night even though they are fully feathered and would really be just fine on their own.

Beautiful Poppy.  Love, love, love her blue color.  Just can't wait for them to grow up and start laying eggs.

And one more cute bedtime photo.


  1. What adorable sweeties! love the momma and babies - too cute!

  2. They are so cute and so pretty. Familiar names, I thought I had stepped back in to the past. They are growing so quickly and Honey is such a good mum.

  3. These photos are so precious!
    Makes all your struggles worth it!