Friday, September 21, 2012

Space Shuttle

Okay, this post has NOTHING to do with chickens.  Well, almost nothing.

Today, the Space Shuttle Endeavor took its final flight over California before heading to Southern California where it will be on display at a museum.  And it was quite exciting to see.  I work in a building that is less than a mile from NASA Ames and Moffett Field so I was reasonably sure I'd get a good look as it flew over.

And sure enough, as it approached San Francisco, work in Silicon Valley came to a screaming halt as everyone headed outside to find a good viewing spot.  There were people lining the windows of my building and people on the roof.  People lined up on top of the parking garage and on top of the local hills and just about anywhere and everywhere to try and get a good view.

My husband even texted me that he got a pretty good view just standing in our driveway.

Probably my best shot as it cruised slowly over Moffett Field.
Some people got out of their office for a better view.
I wish this one wasn't so washed out but I was shooting into the sun and it wasn't the clearest of  days here.
And as I watched the shuttle disappear south riding atop its mothership, it got me thinking...

Maybe my little Sugar knows something about how to fly efficiently.  Just hop on top of a bigger bird and get a free lift to your next destination.

Today was definitely a "feel good" kind of day.  Didn't matter if you were Democratic or Republican, anti-this or pro-that.  Everyone was walking around with a smile on their face and it made me feel good.  We need more days like today.  And I'm guessing that today was just like any other day for my girls.  Wake up, eat breakfast and get a drink.  Get busy scratching and laying eggs.  Stop work for a dust bath and preen session with your sisters.  And line up at the gate for the afternoon release into the big garden.  And tomorrow, they will do it all over once again.


  1. beautiful photos of both the shuttle and Sugar on mums back. How exiting.

  2. What a great post!! Will you link this up to my hop on Wednesday?? I think it will brighten people's day!

  3. @ Tilly - I linked it to your Facebook page. Is that what you meant? Not sure what Hop is?

    1. Yes, thank you for linking it up to my Facebook page. I also started a blog hop on my website. The next one starts tomorrow. Head down to the end of the blog hop post and click "add". Then just follow the directions. I know that people are going to just love this post!
      P.S. I got the chic chicken scarf from J.Crew!!