Friday, September 14, 2012

Positive Progress

Okay, I'm a softie.  I admit it.  I felt awful putting the peeper on Spice and took it off three days later.  I've seen her go after Honey a few times.  But I'm not seeing any feather pulling.  And while Honey usually moves out of her way, then she'll stand right next to Spice and preen or today they took a nice, long dirt bath together.

Spice is on the left and Honey is on the right.

There was one stare down.  And I heard an outburst and I think Spice pecked Honey.  But I didn't see it so I'm not sure.    And Honey didn't move so I'm not sure.
And big Coco.  She was chatting me up begging for treats.
And this is a terrible photos but way back on the left behind the lemon bush is Auntie Ginger and next to her are the babies taking a dirt bath.  I was afraid if I moved in any closer, I'd interrupt them and make them get up.
I'll spend some time out there this weekend.  I have a few projects to work on and hopefully, I can get some better photos and a better idea of whether or not they are getting along better.


  1. I am so glad things seem to be settling down. I know how you feel about the peeper's, they don't look very nice although people say they do work. Hopefully things will settle now. I find one minute they are pecking over the treats then the next they are preening and snoozing as close as they can get. We probably much more then they do.

  2. That was meant to read ... We probably worry much more than they do.