Sunday, July 24, 2016

This week in the garden

It was a pretty quiet week this week which is nice.  I prefer no drama.

Peaches finished her medicine for vent gleet yesterday and I do see a big improvement in her.  Unfortunately, her bottom feathers were so badly soiled that I had to trim quite a few away.  So I'm eager for her to molt and go back to having a nice fluffy bottom again.  I'll spare you the photos as her bottom is not very attractive right now.

The flowers are all blooming in the garden.  The roses are performing well.  And my Hens and Chicks are dividing nicely.
Beautiful Bella just continues to get prettier and prettier.  Penny is the black hen in front of her. 
The hens love this ceramic bowl of water on the patio.  I suspect because I fill it with cold water each time I let them out.
My big girls haven't taken a dust bath in the garden in three years.  They have a huge dust bathing ring in their run and I think they really like it.  But the babies are still learning what's what in the garden and run and they have taken to dust bathing in the garden.  It's fun to watch them out there.
The babies are now 14 weeks old.  Just four more weeks and I can open up the fence that keeps them separate from the big girls.  They get along just fine out in the garden.  I don't let them mingle in their run because I don't want the babies eating the big girls layer feed until they are 18 weeks of age.

They are getting big and I'm ready to let them all be one big family.  It will make it easier on me to get in there and tidy up the run each day if I don't have to work my way around their fencing.

I'm really happy with this batch of chicks.  They are so curious and fun to interact with.  Penny, my Black Cochin is a little more shy and timid than I was prepared for.  Not sure if that's just a Cochin thing or if something has happened to her to make her a bit skittish.   But she sure is sweet and hopefully she'll come around.


  1. That rose is gorgeous and Bella is just beautiful. What lovely colours she has. All the youngsters look lovely and really content. It will be great for you when they are all mixed and integrations in the garden seem to have gone really smoothly.

  2. Thank you. I was thinking last weekend that I really ought to take updated photos but the kids were so busy in the garden. It's tough to corral them for photos. I'll get more this weekend. They are almost big enough to eat layer ration and live w/ the big girls full time. Whew. Mission accomplished!