Monday, January 18, 2016

Life imitating art

I don't really have much to post about this week.  Which actually, is kind of nice.  Means everyone is healthy and no drama to report.

I did snap this cute photo of Pickles hanging out in between two of my ceramic hens in the garden which I thought was a sweet photo.

I spent several hours out in the garden this weekend pruning back roses and some other shrubs.  I also planted a few new plants to add a spot of color in the garden as it's pretty drab out there this time of the year.  I love being out in the garden with my little helpers.

Pearl seems to be coming back into a more regular lay schedule.  I got two eggs from her this weekend.  Peaches has been practices and spending time in the nests so hopefully she's going to come back into lay soon too.  Pickles, seen in this photo above, is still pretty roughed up looking from molting, so I think she'll need another month or so.  And Coco seems like she's in the zone but shows no sign of laying.  Which is fine.  She's 5.5 years old and she could really use a break from it all.

Can't wait for spring so I can get out there and plant my summer garden.  And hopefully add a few additions to the flock.


  1. My thought too, sweet photo. Love the way she has placed herself between the two "girls".