Friday, October 24, 2014

I so dislike molting season

I really dislike molting season.  Mostly because of the way Coco molts.  Coco does the "Ugly Molt" meaning she sheds so many feathers, you can see bare skin covered in rows and rows of pin feathers. And she looks MISERABLE!!!  I mean, who wouldn't.  This year has been her worst molt yet.

She started molting on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning.  The coop and run were covered with her beautiful black feathers.  By Saturday, she looked like the two photos below, bare back and sides.

Thursday, a week after she started to molt, she lost nearly every feather on her.  She's got a few new long wing feathers which she's using to try and keep her sides covered.

She also had a pin feather pulled out.  I don't know if she did it or if one of the other hens did it.  I have caught them pecking at her.  Probably out of curiosity to see what those pin feather things all over her are.  Anyway, that wound looks like it really smarts. I've been trying to put Vet RX and Neosporin on it but she wants nothing to do with me so I have to sneak out to the coop at night to treat her.

I did catch her shivering a few times so I've put a heat lamp out in the run for her.  She doesn't want to stand under it.  But if I put treats under it, she has to stand under it to eat which warms up her just a touch. 

I've closed up every window on the coop to try and keep it as warm as possible in there at night.  And it's surprisingly warm in there.  I'm sure the Buff Orpingtons don't appreciate it but I'm hoping it's temporary.

Below is what my beautiful Coco will look like in just a few short weeks.  I can't fast forward fast enough to get her at least covered in feathers.


  1. Oh my! Poor Coco. No wonder you hate the moult. It makes me realise how lucky I am, none of my girls have ever looked like that. I have just taken some photos for my next post on the moult and mine look like a dream in comparison. Take heart from the fact that she will soon be back to her beautiful self again.

  2. Thanks Carol. It's been a rough two weeks. I did call the vet this weekend and asked if they would give me some pain meds for Coco. I didn't see a noticeable difference after the first dose. But the second dose (day 2) WOW. She started to talk again, and scratch in the dirt. She even made her famous Bok Bok sound if any of the other hens got to close. That means "I'm foraging here!" She looked even better yesterday. This morning was quite chilly, mid 40's, and Coco was clearly hanging out near the heat lamp. Such a smart bird. Her feathers are coming in quickly and I'm really hoping she has some coverage by this coming weekend. It's also supposed to get chilly then too. The heat lamp will stay out till she's fully feathered once again.

  3. poor girl, she is molting REALLY hard. :(

  4. I'm with you on this one…I dislike molt season too. My girls are nearly thru with their molt and so I look forward to them being happy hens in the near future. I so enjoy your flock and blog!