Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring in the garden

I feel guilty posting these knowing that so much of the rest of the country is STILL getting snow this late in March.  But I've had fun finding more chickens to adorn the garden and I can't wait to share.

The girls having some salad.
How many chickens do you see?  (I'll post the answer at the bottom.)
Couldn't find a hen door mat but this guy is pretty awesome.
I know my girls can't read but I'm hoping that they understand that the big red NO,
means that my veggie garden is a chicken free zone.
Honey Bear is disappointed she can't get to my veggies.
They are going to go nuts once they see tomatoes behind the fence.

I tried to make chicken foot prints out of a mosaic.  Not my best work but it will keep my feet out of the mud.
My chicken stepping stone came out better.
I'm using every last one of my chicken barricades to keep them from digging up my plants.
Poppy LOVES those gaps between the block.
Honey Bear likes to hang out under my chair on the patio.
Lulu Lemon takes a break from digging meteor sized holes in my garden.

Honey Bear and Poppy take cover under my patio chair from the scary balloons that were blowing over.
Poppy has these wonderful purple iridescent ear lobes.
Sprinkles LOVES it when I talk to her.  She watches me like she's hanging on my every word.


  1. Oh my! I love all your chickens in the yard - real and ornamental! All your girls look so pretty and healthy and happy! Love your stepping stones too! Great pics! :)

  2. Amazing photos. Is it nine chickens in the quiz photo? Can't believe the weather, we have snow and freezing temperatures here in England. It's been our coldest March for fifty years and we can't wait for better weather.

    Your girls and your garden look lovely. love Poppy's lobes. Is that a crack on her beak with another story to tell? What colour are her eggs? What amazing combs they have.

  3. OH I totally forgot to post the number of chickens. I thought it was 12 but now I only count 11. Maybe I pulled a different photo. Some of them are standing close together. But basically, I've got chickens all over my garden, both real and fake.

  4. OH, it is 12. Click on the photo to make it big. There's a hen hiding behind the hydrangea in the back.

  5. Now I have made the photo big and with your help with the one at the back, I have now counted all twelve. What fun!

  6. Absolutely beautiful pictures!!!!

  7. Hello! I just ran across a post of yours from almost two years ago while looking at Deborah Jeans website and was so pleased to see that you are still keeping this lovely blog! Recently our barn burnt down so I am looking for all the inspiration I can find to rebuild my coops. I am your newest follower and am definitely looking to reading all of your posts ;)