Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Current Photos of the Ladies

Sprinkles, like all my girls, wants to see your hands to make sure you don't have treats. 
Honey Bear (left) and Coco (right) working the fence line in their newly landscaped yard.

Honey Bear is just this beautiful big fluffy hen.  I have all I can do not to just pick her up and snuggle her all the time.

Check out Poppy's beautiful purple iridescent ear lobes.

Ginger doing the limbo with a beak full of Camellia blossom.  Don't know what it is about those Camellia's but they can't resist them.

Almost got the whole gang in one photo.  Must work to make that happen.   I need a good family portrait.

Coco, who also answers to Princess Cacao, survey's her domain.

Sprinkles is the most shy and skittish of the flock.  But white hens are most vulnerable due to their bright color.  I suspect she knows this in her DNA.

Poppy is always busy.  She can dig a hole just as big and deep as Coco can.  And she's less than half her size.


Lulu (blue) and Sprinkles (white) disassembling one of my flower pots.  Sigh...


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  2. Glad to see the new pictures. The girls looks happy and healthy. I hope they are behaving well and all is good with your flock!

  3. Yes, we are in a very good place now. We finished a little landscape project and I'm having a little trouble giving the new plants a chance to get established with those hungry beaks and busy feet. But we'll get there.

  4. What lovely girls you have! They all look healthy and content. You are a great chicken mom!

  5. What beautiful girls. I can't believe the size of Sprinkles comb! Honey is so fluffy and Poppy is a beautiful colour, love those lobes. So nice to see new photos and as everyone else has said they look so healthy.

    So glad things are good for you again. I have missed seeing your girls, this is a real treat. You have a lovely flock.

    1. Thanks Carol. Yes, being in a good place is very nice. And I do love those floppy combs. I thought for sure Lulu's would tip over but so far it's still upright. But it wiggles and wobbles as she does her thing. Just cracks me up to watch.

  6. What a beautiful group of ladies. The yard looks beautiful too! These pictures made my heart smile.~Melissa

  7. I love your hens and your set up for them!! I want a couple for my back yard but hubby isn't quite ready for them yet. Honey Bear is lovely!!