Saturday, August 11, 2012

One BIG happy family

I let Honey take her babies out of the confined space I had them in all week into the bigger run.  And when that went well, I opened the big gate into the garden.  Coco and Spice were laying eggs so she only had Ginger to contend with and Ginger could have cared less.

Which I just find AMAZING.  Because Ginger was the BIGGEST pill and bully when it came to integrating Honey and Spice in with her and Coco.  I really need to stop trying to figure out my hens.  Because when I think one will be a problem, she's not and another one is.  Go figure.

Honey and one of the babies enjoying tomatoes from the garden.

The tomatoes are a little big for the babies but the seeds are JUST right!

Her sister came over to see what was so yummy.

Then Honey took them out into the garden.  The babies are right in front of Honey but you can only see the blond one.

Better photo of all three babies with their mama.

And one of Ginger just lounging in the garden.  Ginger is molting.  I'm  not seeing as many feathers being dropped so I think we're on the backside of this.  But she's full of pin feathers so it's going to be a few more weeks before she's back to her old self.


  1. Lovely pics! Looks like she's a good mom!

  2. Those babies are so adorable. I am glad everything is going so well and Honey is such a good mum.