Saturday, August 18, 2012

A busy day

Today was a busy day.  I built out the new coop for Honey and her babies.  And sadly, I didn't get a photo of it.  But I can say she's safely tucked inside for the night.  There was confusion about where to go to bed.  And I thought this might happen.  So I went out to the run around bed time and sure enough she was moving around the run and not going into her new coop.  She finally went into Spice's outdoor nest and her babies all scurried right under her.  Which made it super easy to scoop up everyone and tuck them into their proper nest.

Spice likes to lay outdoors so I put this box out for her.  I need to find a proper basket or something for her but just haven't found the right thing.  
I let the girls out into the big garden while I did my work in the run.  Spice as usual managed to get her face filthy dirty.  I've started calling her Pig Pen.  I usually give her face a good wash each week.  And I'm not sure why.  Because she stays clean for about a day before she looks like this once again.  And she's SOOOOOO pretty when she's clean.  But she clearly seems to be more happy looking like this.  Oh well.

And everyone settled down for a good old fashioned dirt bath after foraging in the garden for a bit.  The babies had to dust bathe right up next to mama.  Which didn't work out so well because Honey was tossing dirt all over the place.  But they are so cute following mama around and trying to do everything she does.

I called everyone back into the run and I like to do a head count to be sure everyone is accounted for before I lock the gate.  I could hear the babies, but I could only see one.  They other two did not sound distressed so I wasn't worried.  But I couldn't find them.  I looked inside the house, not there.  I looked under mana, nope, not there.  Then I noticed the Camellia tree was moving.  And yep, there were two little ones up in the tree.  I'm going to have some flyers when these guys grow up.  That could be a problem.

Sweet little blondie up in the tree.  One of her sisters is next to her up there.

Okay, super hard to see because the two of them are more in the middle of the tree.  But two babies are in that yellow circle and one more is on the very end of the 2 by 4 up against the fence, behind mama.

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  1. Oh those babies are just so cute. I can't believe they can get so high in the tree when they are so small.