Sunday, August 7, 2011

Lazy Sunday

Ginger standing in front of their newly raised feeder.  I put it up on an upside down pot and put a few bricks around so they can step up to reach it.  But it makes it harder for them to kick the feed out of the feeder.

Pumpkin and Coco found some bugs to eat where there had previously been a log.

The Tuber Roses are finally beginning to bloom in my garden.  They smell like Hawaii.

Blackberries ready to be picked.  The girls love to come watch me pick berries because they know that I'll toss them some.  And they choke them down whole.

Black Oiled Sunflower head.  I've grown a bunch of these and will cut and dry them when ready.  I'll save them for the winter months and put one out in their run to give them something to work at.

One of their many mascots that dot the garden.

Coco watches me very closely to see if I have treats.  This girl is NEVER full.

A better shot of their feeder up off the ground.  The yellow ball in front is filled with BOSS and they have to knock it around to get the seeds out.  They are still struggling w/ this concept.  But I have hope.

Ginger and Pumpkin exploring their run.  I have a bunch of logs and old pieces of wood out there for them to perch on.  And ever so often I'll move them around and the girls love to look for bugs underneath.


  1. Ah, it was. And the girls have finally decided that my camera is not food and will leave me alone while I try to photograph them.