Monday, July 25, 2011

Toddy the Toad

Toddy the Toad is a Western Toad
I first discovered this little guy in my garden about 10 years ago.  I couldn't believe it.  We don't live ANYWHERE near a lake, stream or any kind of natural water.  And actually, we do everything we can to eliminate standing water so we don't allow mosquitos to breed.

So I thought it was a totally random thing and we just left him alone.  Well, obviously, they are thriving in my yard because I now find them quite often.  So I must have more than one and they must be breeding.  I can't imagine that I keep finding the same one year after year.

I wondered what would happen if the chickens scared him out of  his hiding place.  And tonight was the night.  I was helping the girls find slugs by picking up the edges of a large ground cover in the garden and out hops Toddy the Toad.  They took an immediate liking to him.  Showing off their dinosaur/hunting roots, they immediately started to follow him as he hopped and tried to get away.  But their curiosity just wouldn't quit.  An intervention was necessary.

So I scooped up Toddy to relocate him to the back part of the garden which is fenced off to keep the girls out.  I don't want them tearing up my veggie garden and that's where I put lots of the extra straw from their run when I removed all of it because Coco was eating it.  I don't want to go through that again.

And of course, to show his gratitude for being rescued, he peed all over my hand.  And as I stroked his head and told him I had his best interests in mind by moving him to the opposite end of the yard, he peed again.  And then he peed some more.  Seriously, this guy is not that big and he had like a 1/4 cup of pee in him.  But I'll try not to take it too personal.

I know he's safer back by the Hostas and Hydrangeas and judging from the looks of my Hosta leaves, there's plenty for him to eat back in that corner.  Live long and happy bugging Toddy!

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