Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Chickens are Famous

Okay, maybe not famous.  But they were on TV, twice!

They sprayed our neighborhood for mosquitos last week.  We really don't have a mosquito problem where we live.  But they found 3 dead birds that tested positive for West Nile Virus and somehow that warranted vector control to fog 3 square miles with poison to kill the mosquitos.  Which I felt was totally overacting to the situation.

So I fired off a few emails to my local congress people.  But they all take July off for vacation.  Grrrr....   So I fired off a few more emails to the local news agencies and NBC called me up and asked to come interview me.  I wasn't too keen on it.  I'm kind of a shy, quiet person.  But I figured if I'm unhappy about something, not pipping up about it will achieve nothing.

So out they rolled with cameras in hand.  I opened the gate to the girl's run and out came Ginger and then Coco.  Hmmm, wait, we're missing one.  I opened the hen house door and there's Pumpkin in a nest box.  Oh well, your 15 seconds of fame will come another day sweetheart.

They filmed the girls eating seeds out of my hand and scratching in the yard.  They filmed the girls standing around looking at all of them, like who are you, why are you in my yard, and what is that big camera thing and can we peck at it?  They did film Pumpkin sitting in the nest box and she did get a few seconds of coverage.  They also filmed my garden and me holding a box of their eggs.

The shot that didn't make the cut that was probably the funniest was me holding Ginger who was CONVINCED that the microphone clipped to my collar was a giant bug and that she must eat it.  I don't think she destroyed their microphone but she did give it a good pecking while she had the chance.

And I know what you are saying right about now, where's the video?  Ugh.  I got nothing.  I have it on Tivo.  But how do you get it off of there?  When I try to upload it to a PC, there's no sound.  I even bought software to upload it a Mac.  But it doesn't work!  And their customer support is seriously lacking in anything customer centric or support oriented.  So that's going back.

I could buy a copy of these clips from some master news agency that logs all these videos, but they want $50 per story.  Ouch.  That's $100 if I buy both (they ran two different videos, one at 5pm and one at 6pm.).  And for some silly story of me ranting about not wanting my neighborhood fogged.  I can't justify that.  Not after just having had Coco at the vet last week.

So all I have is this silly blog about it.  If I can manage to get the video's, I will post them.  I promise.


  1. Congrats to you and your "famous" girls. I hope their heads don't swell too much. LOL.

  2. Famous or Infamous you love your birds and that is a great story.

    What news station was it and where? Most have almost all of their stories/vids online.


  3. Joan, Yes, their heads heads are HUGE. If I'm not out there by 6:30am every morning with BOSS, they let the WHOLE neighborhood know about it. Such silly girls.

  4. Foothills Poultry, Yes, I figured I'd download it off their site but they only post a few stories and typically, the bigger stories that have a wider interest. When I inquired with the station, they referred me to this new agency where I could order a copy of the story.

    It should be very simple to get it off our Tivo box. Not sure why we're having such trouble. Grrrr...... Technology is suppose to make our lives EASIER!