Friday, June 24, 2011

Animal House

Sunset Magazine had yet another article in last month's issue about having a few backyard chickens.  These articles have become so common in the magazine, I'm surprised they don't have a dedicated section of the magazine for chickens.  The backyard chicken movement has really caught on and is almost becoming mainstream.  I'm amazed how many people respond that they have chickens too when I tell them that I have hens.

What I love is how creative people are when it comes to getting their flock established.  This couple found a dog house on clearance for $100 and converted it into a hen house for their chickens.  Which they lovingly refer to as Animal House.  And if that wasn't funny enough, they named their girls, Teriyaki, Extra-Crispy, Dumpling and White Meat.  So wrong and yet so very funny.

Chickens themselves are so very funny and entertaining so it all goes hand in hand.

We call our girls The Spice Girls and refer to their hen house as the Spice Cabinet.  I just love the phrase, "Honey, can you go check the Spice Cabinet for eggs?".  Huh?!?

Do any of you have themed names for your chickens?  And what do you call your hen house?

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