Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Fly high sweet Coco

I knew this day would come.  I had expected this day to come a long time ago actually.  But that doesn't ease the sadness and heartache I feel right now.  Easter Sunday, we had to say goodbye to my sweet Coco Bean.  

She was 6 1/2 years old and the last of my original four chickens that started this journey with me.  She made me crazy.  She made me laugh.  And she knew she had me wrapped around her little finger.  She knew her name.  She liked to dig up my rose bushes.  And nothing ever got past that bird.

When I got hens, I read that they liked sunflower seeds and cracked corn.  And I was guilty of feeding way too many of these treats.  And Coco, being an always hungry Jersey Giant, was happy to eat right out of my hands.

I think she was about a year and a half old, maybe two years, when the vet diagnosed her as having fatty liver disease.  I was devastated.  But he gave her SAMe and she rallied.  I cut out all fatty treats and gave my hens fruits, veggies, oats and meal worms as treats.  And in very small quantities too.

And with the change in diet, she did great.  She never shirked her duties as the alpha hen of The Spice Girls.  But I did notice her slowing down this year.  Sunday, she was totally off her game.  She didn't go up to the feeder at all.  And she was waddling like she was suddenly very fat.  When I felt her up, she winced and I knew that wasn't good.

I ran through what could possibly be wrong.  Her liver could have ruptured.  She could have an egg stuck inside of her.  She could be getting fatter because she's not moving around as much.  But regardless of what was wrong with her, I wasn't going to subject her to needles and exams and treatment.  I'd just be prolonging the inevitable.

So we took her to the emergency vet and had her humanly euthanized.  I cried the whole way there and the whole way home with her.  I cried the whole rest of the day and today, two days later, my eyes are still swollen and red.

We buried her in the garden next to her best buddies, Ginger, Honey Bear and Poppy Loo.  I miss her more than all of my other lost birds combined.  Fly high sweet Coco Bean.

Coco was the most adorable baby chick.  And was ALWAY watching me with those black eyes.

She had the most adorable white, fluffy bottom.

Always watching me.

My most favorite photo of Coco.  Standing tall and regal and watching over her domain.  

She wasn't a big fan of hugs and cuddles.  But she tolerated me picking her up from time to time.  Provided I'd tuck her feet up under her.

Always watching Mama.



  1. I'm so sorry for your loss. I've been reading your blog for about six months and I know Coco was your favourite. She was a beautiful hen and she had a beautiful life with you. She had a long life for a chicken but of course to us it's just a blink of an eye! :-(

    Sleep well Coco xx

  2. Sorry for the loss of your feathered sweetie. I know how hard it is to lose a favorite (although I know they are all special to you) Hugs

  3. Oh I am so so sorry. I haven't checked in for a few days and was shocked to read this. It made me well up as I read on. I know she has always been your favourite girl and she has had a long and happy life with you. I know how hard it is and how you will miss her. She had the best life with you. I am sending you a hug.

  4. Thank you all for your kind words. It's been a rough few days but I'm coming to terms with it. Coco lived a really good life and I'm honored to have had her in my life. She taught me so much.