Monday, February 29, 2016

Treats for chickens

Okay, fess up, who gives their chickens treats?  EVERYONE!

How can you resist those adorable little feathered cherubs running across the yard up to your feet and staring up at you with those sweet eyes that beg for treats.

This is a little video I took of Coco standing at the back door begging.  And yes, I'm guilty of opening the back door and giving them a few blueberries or raisins.  Which I know only encourages them more.

We're really lucky here to have a local company that makes treats for chickens, and coincidentally, they are called Treats for Chickens.

I love that they make healthy, organic treats for my girls.  And I LOVE the names of their treats.  There's Chicken Crack, Cluck Yea and Pullet Together.  My favorite has the most boring name, Worms `n Flakes.  But it's just that, rolled oats and dried meal worms.  That's what I typically treat my hens with so that I'm not giving them high fat treats like sunflower seeds.  If you follow my blog, you'll know that Coco has fatty liver disease which is why I'm really careful about giving high fat treats.

One of my other favorite products they make is Nesting Box Blend.  It's a mixture of dried herbs and flowers and you sprinkle it in your nest boxes and it helps to repel bugs and critters.  Not to mention, it makes the nests smell amazing.

They have a great website and ship so if you can't get their products locally, which I have trouble finding even though they are so close to me, just order online.  I hope you enjoy their products as much as we do.

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  1. How could we not treat our girls. I too try to be healthy and every morning they get some spinach. I try to keep treats small and as healthy as possible but as you say they run to you as fast as their little legs can go and look so excited and expectant that it is truly difficult to resist.