Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Peeps are 4 weeks old

The Peeps just need to grow a tad larger so they don't fit through the fencing you see behind Penny.  Then we can move them out into the run with the big hens and know they will be safely separated from the adults. 
Guess what?
Poppy and Coco sharing some chopped spinach for a snack.
My garden is beginning to take off.  I'm growing a variety of radishes this year and the hens love the radish tops.
And finally, then hens have stopped eating my roses.
I love their cute little tails.
Pearl was tired from playing in the garden.  She hopped up on hubby's ankle and  wandered up to his elbow where she decided it was a nice place to take a rest.  Hubby tried to 
And all four together.  They grow up SOOOOOO quickly!


  1. They are growing up quickly and so adorable. Your raised beds are looking great too. I too love their little tails, so cute.

  2. What sweeties! From the photo of all four together, it looks like two have cute tails and two have rounded butts. Just adorable.

  3. The BO babies are adorable, but so are Poppy and Coco. Your garden and yard looks beautiful…..nice job!