Sunday, February 2, 2014

I'm out of eggs

How is that possible?!?  I have my own chickens!

Okay, granted only Coco is laying eggs right now but she did lay 6 eggs last week.

I had some store bought eggs and attempted to hard boil them to make deviled eggs.  But the centers didn't cook.  I don't know that's possible as I hard boil eggs ALL the time with out issue.  I tossed them out of frustration.  Besides, I don't want raw egg centers for deviled eggs.

So then I took all 6 of Coco's eggs and hard boiled them.  But then I was too tired to make deviled eggs.  No worries as we'll eat them up this week.

But then I went to make dinner and needed an egg to batter up the fish I was going to flour and fry.  And yep, NO EGGS!!!  I couldn't believe it.

I keep telling Poppy that she's finished molting and needs to get back to work and stop freeloading.  But thus far, she's chosen to ignore me.  Sigh...


  1. We seem to be running low, I haven't had to resort to buying eggs since we have kept chickens (and would rather not) but we are down to the last half dozen. 1 yesterday and none today so far.

  2. For a while now only Bluebell has been laying and on two Sundays we had one egg between us with our Sunday cooked breakfast. That's desperate! I haven't yet bought eggs since having chickens and Pepper is looking as if she is ready to lay again so we should just scape through. We sure miss them when the girl's slow right down.