Saturday, January 11, 2014

My house guest is back

Yes, Honey is back in the house.

She was doing great following her surgery two weeks ago.  She was eating and drinking and I never saw her nibbling on her stitches.

I took her back to the vet yesterday afternoon to get her stitches out and was devastated when the vet came back to talk to me without Honey in her arms.  Turns out that she busted through not only her external stitches but a few internal ones too.  She does eat like a goat and can really pack her crop so I can't say I was totally surprised.

The vet had to put her to sleep one more time and put a few more stitches back into her crop and outside up her wound to seal it shut once again.  Oh, Honey Bear.

I've got her in the house today and I'll keep her in for a few days to monitor what she eats and keep her clean.  After that, all bets are off.  She is really much happier outside with her sisters.  And I hate to deprive her of that.

So here's hoping that these stitches hold this time.


  1. Oh No! Just when it seemed to be going so well. I am sure she will be great once she gets past this and is back with her flock. Hang in there.

    Funny that you have a big Honey Bear and I have a little Honey Bunny. We just can't help adding on can we! These girls make us as daft as a brush! Get better soon Honey.

  2. Well, she's doing GREAT today. I'll definitely keep her in today and tomorrow. I can tell how much she'd rather be outside with her sisters. Hopefully, Monday her wound will be sealed up enough to put her back out and let her get dirty.

  3. Oh poor girl! Hope she gets better really soon.